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Step into Zizle - where your voice amplifies, not just echoes. A Web3-based social platform that’s real, raw, and rewarding.

Zizle Airdrop
The Anti-Social Media Platform

A Healthier Social Space Minus the Toxicity & Exploitation of Mainstream Social Media

A new kind of social experience that values authenticity and privacy.

What's Zizle?

Zizle is where social networking meets decentralization. It flips the script on traditional social networks. Built on the Solana blockchain, Zizle gives users control over their data and allows them to monetize their engagement. Zizle tokens reward your interactions, ensuring creators can transparently earn and grow their audience. Escape the toxic norms of traditional social platforms—join Zizle for a genuine, community-focused social experience where your privacy and contributions are valued.

Shared Economy

At Zizle, fans fuel creator success. Your engagement directly contributes to their achievements, and we believe you should be rewarded (with Zizle Tokens) for that. Zizle's shared economy makes sure fans are recognized and compensated, turning every like and share into a part of the creator's success story.

Shared Economy

Decentralized Control

On Zizle, you call the shots on your data. We’re on our way to becoming a full Web3 platform using Solana blockchain, so your info stays safe, private, and protected. Enjoy real interactions without worrying about privacy invasions. Plus, you get to have a say in shaping the platform’s future.

Decentralized Control

Community-Driven Content

Every like, comment, and share levels you up in your favorite communities. The more you create and share fire content, the more lit it gets. It's all about building real connections and vibing with your crew. Your active involvement elevates your profile, at the same time, enriches the whole community experience.

Community-Driven Content

Transparent Monetization

Monetizing on Zizle? It’s straightforward. Whether through direct sales, subscriptions, or ad revenue, we provide all the tools you need to profit from your audience. Transparent processes and multiple revenue streams make it easy to turn your passion into a thriving career.

Transparent Monetization

Our Team

Eriz Zarate

Eriz Zarate

CEO & Co-Founder

A tech entrepreneur with nearly a decade of success in consumer platforms, Al, and Quantum.

Abhyudoy Das

Abhyudoy Das

CMO & Co-Founder

Abhyudoy Das, a cryptocurrency industry leader, served 3 years as Country Leader at Bybit in South Asia. With over seven years of experience, he has advised many crypto startups and contributed to projects like MetaTrace and BTCEx.

Asier Recondo

Asier Recondo

CTO & Co-Founder

With over a decade of experience, I have founded startups and served as Tech Lead at Image Line, specializing in leading tech teams and designing scalable infrastructures.

Deep Shah

Deep Shah

Director of Technology (web2 & web3) Co-Founder

Founded & grew Codezeros, an IT company to US $20 million in revenue. His work has supported Initiatives for tech giants like SupraOracles, Bang & Olufsen, and government projects.

Manmohan Singh

Manmohan Singh

CSO & Co-Founder

Serial Entrepreneur, Grew Consumer Platform with $50K investment to $150M+ ARR.

Lander Corrales

Lander Corrales

Chief Designer & Co-Founder

With over 10 years in 3D graphics and advanced tools, I create immersive experiences and user-centric, intuitive UX/UI designs that enhance engagement and satisfaction.

Kamaldip Singh

Kamaldip Singh


A high-achieving financial expert with a solid background as a senior auditor at Ernst & Young.

Al Miftah

Al Miftah

Chief Revenue Officer - Advertising

Esteemed engineer turned adtech innovator, Al founded SmartRTB, scaled Poly-Gamma to 80 billion daily ad impressions, and designed pivotal systems for Oracle, IBM, and Rockwell Collins.

Paritosh Mehta

Paritosh Mehta

Blockchain Architect

With over half a decade of experience in Blockchain industry, Paritosh has donned multiple hats including Architect, Consultant, and Project Manager in Layer 1 and Layer 2 projects.

Vedant Panchal

Vedant Panchal

Blockchain Lead

Vedant has extensive experience in the decentralized finance (DeFi) space, focusing on developing Layer 2 solutions. Additionally, he has contributed to building a Layer 1 blockchain solution from the ground up.

Roadmap and Future Prospects

Zizle’s journey is outlined in our roadmap, which details our planned milestones and future aspirations. This roadmap is designed to communicate our vision and strategy as we evolve from a hybrid platform to a fully decentralized Web3 ecosystem. Here’s an overview of our key phases and future directions.

Quarter 2, 2024 (2nd Half)

Launch of Web2 Application

Official release of the comprehensive Web2 version of the Zizle app, crafted to provide a rich user experience with integrated, community-driven social media functionalities.

Blockchain Wallet Integration

Deployment of a secure blockchain-based wallet within the app, allowing users to manage digital assets and prepare for upcoming token functionalities.

Quarter 3, 2024 (1st Half)

Zizle Score

Introduction of the Zizle Score, a unique metric system to measure user and creator engagement, influencing future token rewards and content visibility.

Token Integration

Integration of Zizle tokens into the platform, allowing users to start accumulating tokens based on their activities and interactions.

Quarter 3, 2024 (2nd Half)

Token Utilization Features

Activation of token utilization within the app, including the ability for users to use tokens for premium features and content.

Token Streaming Function

Implementation of a token streaming function that facilitates real-time earnings and spending of tokens on the platform, enhancing the dynamic use of digital currency.

Quarter 4, 2024

Transition to Hybrid Model

Evolution of the platform from Web2 to a hybrid model incorporating both traditional and blockchain technologies, setting the stage for full decentralization. This, along with further integration of blockchain features to improve security, user control, and token operations within the hybrid system.

Quarter 1, 2025

On-chain Storage Integration

Full integration of on-chain storage solutions to decentralize data management, reinforcing security and user trust. Additional blockchain functionalities will be rolled out to enrich user interaction and platform stability.

Quarter 2, 2025

Complete Decentralization

Final transition to a fully decentralized platform, where all operations are managed on the blockchain, offering maximum security, transparency, and user control.

Why Zizle Rocks?

See what makes Zizle the ultimate platform for real connections and fair rewards.


User Economy

Join the movement where your engagement pays off. Earn Zizle tokens for every like, comment, and post—it's your input, your reward.

Blockchain Security

Sleep easy knowing your data is locked down tight with Solana’s blockchain tech. It’s top-tier security for all your shares and chats.

Community First

Dive into communities where your passions are shared and your voice is heard. It’s all about connecting you with like-minded spirits.

Collaborative Projects

Create, collaborate, and conquer with other Zizlers. Be it a viral video challenge or a lit project, teamwork makes the dream work here.

Dynamic Learning

Engage with content that educates and inspires. From crypto to creative arts, Zizle offers communities that fuel your growth and curiosity.


Step into a social media future crafted with cutting-edge technology. Zizle is where new trends are set and the Next-Gen social begins.

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